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Our Menu

Our meals are hand-crafted with the freshest  ingredients daily. We prepare fresh meals daily with twice a week delivery. Menus can be selected up to two weeks ahead of time.

To maintain optimal freshness your meal will be delivered by our fleet of drivers, to your door on a weekly schedule with multiple delivery day options. The meals will be prepared by a chef within 24 hrs. of your order day. Cooked, quick chilled and delivered  in cold storage bags and refrigerated vehicles. Once received the meal can be microwaved for a fast time saving nutritional meal.

Weekly rotating  menu items will be displayed the week prior. Our ala carte menus are set into sections. i.e., proteins, starch/grains, vegetables, sauces. What this allows is for our customers  to be able to build a menu based on their likes and needs of variety and flavor. With hundreds of possible combinations the customizations are boundless. However, if you do not  not feel comfortable with choosing items from our list contact us for a chef consultation. Our chefs can also build a menu compatible with insurance policies or out of pocket payees. 

We have the knowledge and ability to design around dietary restrictions such as: 

·         Allergies

·         Celiac disease

·         Diabetes

·         Hypertension

·         High Cholesterol

·         Cancer

·         Paleo

·         Low carbs.

·         W.F.P.B

·         Gluten free

·         Reduced fat

·         Reduced sodium

·         Weight loss/gain

We are proudly partnered with We C.A.R.E. Home Health Agency , which allows us to accept several insurance programs. Most of our clients are being treated at home after a hospital visit. Delivering food that can help facilitate fast recovery and lower medical bills is our primary focus. You can complete an Intake Form here to see if you qualify for the waiver program, Intake Form

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